Visual Align Sculpture – A New Term

Visual Align Sculpture  or VA Sculpture – A New Term

(and, not the VA that my daddy worked for!)

I’ve been searching for a term to describe Shadow Sculptures, and also to describe a new type of sculpture that I’m working on.

Shadow Sculptures are art pieces which, in my development of them, look like one thing but cast the shadow of something else.

Recently, I was challenged and interested in creating a new type of sculpture, one which presents a certain image when viewed from a specific direction, yet which looks like something else when viewed from a different perspective.

The idea is that you have to view the piece from that specific direction in order for the image to come into focus.

Shadow Sculptures are a subset of the more general Visual Align category, I think.

Examples of V.A. sculptures include:

-the famous Nelson Mandela sculpture ( interesting video, don’t know the artist’s name (

-Shadow Sculptures, by myself and others

I’m looking for a name for this general category – if you know of a generally-accepted name, please let me know.  Meanwhile, I’ll keep using the term Visual Align sculpture.

And, stay tuned:  I’ll be posting the new piece soon, hopefully!